Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Take all your clothes for me. Now.

I've been kinky this Saturday. Too much kinky. 2011 is revealing the worst of me. Tomorrow I'm back on business.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

No news, I guess.

Well, things are complicated. I must say I'm a bit sad since I don't know how to organize my life for the next months. But, we'll see.

Happy 2011

To everyone.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Crap, crap, crap

I'm in desperate times. I need to finish the paperwork of the hospital, find the new paperwork of the new one, finding a home (yes, still nothing), buying stuff for new year's eve party. I'm almost insane. Sorry guys.

Monday, December 27, 2010

2011 Trips

The first one is probably in April. Destination: Gibraltar, Morocco and Western Sahara. Am I for real? You betcha. More details soon.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Silent Night, Lonely Night

I think it's the first time I spend Christmas all alone. Even last year and the previous one, I was at home, even if I was still all alone, despite in the presence of my family and my mother. But it's different.

My friends were very worried about me. Pretty much all of them (even my hospital colleagues), actually invited me to spent Christmas night with them, but well, I politely refused. First, I work tomorrow all day in the ER and second, it's just weird for me, to crash some family's Christmas.

I'm spending the day in a very normal way. It's true, I won't deny it, I feel lonely. Dunno if it's the family thing, I even think that I would be so much more happy with just a special person right beside me. Who would have thought, me, the self-assumed (half truth half joke), Grinch, is actually conceding that being a single stud is not the best thing in someone's life. Well, maybe it's the Christmas spirit.

And by the way, Merry Christmas to all of you out there.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Alex Nardell


I woke up late and I spend Sunday with my friends, visiting the area (it's been a year and a half since I've been up there), but very slowly and in a calm way. I was still recovering from the night, heavy one... At night, I returned back home. One great weekend. Oh, I texted Software Guy Saturday night (yeah, I was drunk), he was also hanging out in the zone, but no, didn't see him... Too bad, the way I was, I actually could have hit on him (good Lord, seduce my nemesis, I can't even try to imagine that happening... I'm such a disgrace...)

By the way

I'm officially a general practitioner. Have I already said that? An intern yet, of course. ;)


I took the train at 10 am and I had a 4 hour trip heading North, to spend the weekend with my good friends up there, specially my psychiatrist friend. He presented me to a few friends of him during dinner, and also his best friend (an awesome girl, I'm already a fan), a gay couple (a bit weird) and a couple of lesbians (?), never mind. I drank... A lot! So, after that we went to two bars, one a gay friendly one and the second one, totally gay. Yeah, I was drunk and I may have touched inappropriately a few guys, but well, more on that when I have time. We went back and I just felt to sleep as I arrived home... So tired...


So Friday I had a full day. I left work after a very entertaining department meeting, where my lesbian head of department talked openly about her "mother in law". Everyone was a bit surprised actually, my mouth was wide open staring at her when she mentioned her, and I felt an awkward mood in the room. She quickly added that "it's how she wants it...". (No she's not an open lesbian, but well, she seems pretty comfortable). Oh, but don't get an idea that she's cool. No way in hell. She's a bitch, a really mean one. More on her later. Then, I had a lunch with Obgyn intern, then coffee with him, then coffee with Henry and we decided to go all for a dinner at the chinese place, me, psych, Henry, Andrew and Catholic Guy. I left early since I was in the ER during the night. I left at 4 am (thank God, I had the first shift), slept 4 hours and woke up early to take the train. (On the midnight train to Georgiaaaa). No, not to Georgia, but well...

So sorry

These days have been a bit insane. I'll try to catch up.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

I agree

And I'm damn happy that Julian Assange lost his bid.


I need more time. To write. To answer e-mails. To find a new home. To meet people. Just to slowdown my speed.

Mike vs Software Guy

It happened. I knew it. I always knew that Software Guy was my nemesis. It was destined that we would have to duel, sooner or later, over something. And that day came. The object? A guy. Yes, I had a date with a cute and interesting guy one day. The other day, I get information that Software guy also met him. It's on bitch!

Glee Christmas? No, thank you.

Oh, I almost forgot. Last week's episode of Glee? Boring. Über-boring. Yeah, that's it.

What I've been up to?

Trying to find a place to live in my new city. Meeting my former roomate. Finding that my former roomate already knows that I'm gay and is awaiting that I have the trust to tell him. Hanging out at night. Breaking the news that I'll be moving out of the city during the weekdays. Working. Working on a pediatric department. Scheduling my weekend where I'll be heading north to hang out with my north friends. Having a date. Having my date meeting Software Guy the next day, after our date. Not having time to go to the movies. Attending a stupid conference on human rights. Waking up early. Having my cousin crashing here with me. Keep her company while she shops. Absolute torture. Buying shoes. Yes, even I need to buy stuff from time to time. Thinking about where to spent new year's eve. Thinking with who to spent new year's eve. Considering a 25th December 80's party hosted in an underground disco.

Am I missing something? I think so.

Jeez, what an insane week

So sorry for my delay in posting. I'll try to catch up, but this is tough.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Family weekend?

My cousin is crashing with me this weekend. That means I need to take her... shopping. It's been a nightmare, you have no idea. Tonight, at least, she was hanging out at night with her friends, but she still managed to see me hanging with my friends. Well, tomorrow I'm free again.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Hot, hot and hot. What more can I say?

Dinner III

Remember Henry's dinner with his boyfriend and his friends? Specially the one who kinda liked me and didn't let me go? Well, there's gonna be a second edition on Friday. I'm a bit sceptical, since I have no idea who'll be going, but Henry made a lot of pressure for me to go, so... Well, I caved. But he owes me, big time!

Dinner II

My cousin, the only family member (besides my other male cousin who lives in London) who I really enjoy spending time with, is gonna arrive here on Friday at the big city to spend two nights with me. So, Friday night I'm gonna introduce her to the cool chinese restaurant that every Thursday I go with my best friend. And then, we're gonna paty!

I need to learn how to swim

Dinner I

My friends organized a celebration dinner to me yesterday, was really cool. There was some chat about me being away from them, but c'mon, if things go like I plan, I'll be home every weekend and I can even come during the week for concerts or dinners, and stuff like that! So, hope everything goes smoothly.

New dawn

I'm going to be a general practitioner. It's a good news and I'm happy. The downside is I'm going to be working on a smaller city, about 90 miles from here. (where I already spent 6 weeks, not sure if anyone remembers it...) I'm not ecstatic but well, I think things will work out. I'm planning on coming here for the weekends so I'll keep in touch with my friends and hanging around my city. But a new era will come, that's for sure.

So tired

After a big day, after spending so many hours in the ER, after having a surprise dinner my friends arranged, I finally arrive home and I really need to sleep... Tomorrow, I'll get back with the latest.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

What's up with all these short posts?

Dunno, but I just felt like it. It happens.

Go Yankees?

I actually answered my cell during dinner, so catholic guy would tell me how his date with cute twink guy went... Went good, but he's kinky (according to him), not up for a serious thing, just to fool around. My advice: GO FOR IT! My best friend got suspicious with my enthusiasm and this particular sentence. She's no rookie on gay issues anymore!

Some day she will have a gay drama overdose

The thing about Thursday night dinner with my best friend is that I talk... a lot! Jeez, poor girl, what she hears about my stories of the gay world....

OMG, what was the last time I had sex?

I think it was in September! Jeez, I think... I'm not even sure... Things are really bad, I guess.

Oh oh oh

I just arrived home after my regular Thursday thing: Dinner at the Chinese restaurant with the damn fine drink rich in alcohol. Result? I'm really in a good mood! Yeah baby!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Sexiest man alive? Where?

Sorry, but in what planet is Ryan Reynolds the sexiest man alive? In planet "Six pack" only, obviously... At least the cover should feature the best thing about him, his rock abs! And look Jake Gyllenhaal in there, now that could easily win a fair "Sexiest man alive" competition...

Christmas is overrated

And suddenly everyone is stressed out about me and Christmas. Yes, for the first time in my life, I'll be spending Christmas alone and the next day, I'll be in the ER. What's the big deal people? My ex-roommate already told me that only when hell freezes over will I spend Christmas alone, and he already called his mother telling I'll come along for Christmas Eve. My best friend, also told me that I could go to her place and psychologist mother already said that I could come up to their house... Would someone please just relax, I'm OK, thanks for asking...

Special Education

Actually I didn't have the time to comment on last week's last episode of Glee, but I can assure you that the "Furt" episode was probably one of the best episodes during this season of Glee. Good songs, good performances and a cool wedding. Kurt character really hits it off during this episode. And damn, even Schuester has a killing performance with Sway by Michael Bublé. Really good. But the transfer of Kurt at the end, well, that was unexpected...

Bat back to this week's episode, it was OK; I guess. Doesn't even competes with last week's episode. It's time for sectionals and Schuester decides do stirr up the pot, on the advise of the love of his life. So, we have Sam and Quinn singing, but although we're a bit over the top with Finn and Rachel, they simply can't pull it off. Yeah, they are cute, yeah they sang well, but they just don't have the mojo that Finn and Rachel manage. But well, well, hello Santana. Damn, does she pull it off with a great dance show with Brittany and Mike Chang. That was a nice one. About the Warblers, jeez, that was just sad to watch. Don't get me wrong, I feel that Blaine (on the pic) is so hot and really managed a cute Kate Perry thing, but now, no, no... On the plus side, thumbs up for the old group, they rocked! Really enjoyed it.

Last comments, so funny the latest new member of glee. Finn and Rachel broke up, well, it's a matter of time. And the major issue is still, when will Kurt's boyfriend appear and what's about Karofsky? Is he gonna do something or what? And that's it...

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Busy, busy, busy

And suddenly you don't have time for anything. You wake up late, you arrive at the hospital, you get a patient with a rare disease who's assigned to you because you've already seen two cases (and seems to make me the authority on that), receive a text message from a friend of mine (psychologist guy) who has been admitted in the ER at another hospital under evaluation, answering questions about what to choose next week as my speciality residency, answering the texts of the nurse who is suddenly worried about me (and into the "dating scene"), informing Obgyn intern (ex-boy friend or maybe almost new boyfriend) of his status, quick lunch, trying to run to the other hospital to see him, talking to his mother on the phone (how did she get my number?), managing to discuss his case with the attending physician, explaining it to his family, keeping company to the intern while it's not visiting hours, receiving an e-mail telling me I won a free ticket to the premier of a new movie (Celda 211) for tonight, meeting my friend who is in a good mood, although with pain in a room full of very sick patients, talking with his mother in person, meeting his father, leaving to get dinner quickly, meeting my best friend on our way to see the movie, texting the group's guys about him, watching the movie (brilliant movie), getting home quickly, write a post, going to sleep as soon as possible since tomorrow you're in the ER during the night. And that's it.